Jumat, 27 April 2012

(20) Make It Normal!

Feeling abnormal when you use a reusable bag while others bring plastic?

Hey boys and girls, switch your mindset! ;) From now on, reusable bag is NORMAL, and the plastic bag is OUT OF DATE!

Green lifestyle should be normal from now on.

You’re cool if you use organic cosmetics.

You’re adorable if you stop testing animals.

You’re gorgeous if you always read ingredients.

You’re such a WOW if you classify trashes.

You’re lovable if you save orangutan (and other poor animals).

You’re an idol if you sing about ‘reboisasi.(OMG, I am flashed back to my elementary school Social studies everytime I hear such word! REBOISASI!)

You’re a star if you use ‘angkot’ or bus or bike!

You’re great if you befriend with everyone no matter how strange he/she is.

You’re funny if your joke can succeed Earth Hour 2013.

You’re outstanding everytime you hug a tree.

You’re cute if you reuse old envelopes to send greeting cards (you can creatively re-decorate them!. 

You’re magical when you decide a day to be a vegan day (at least, a day can change the world, just like ONE hour of Earth Hour can save TONS of energy).

There’s still a lot new reasons to be the ‘it’ person! Google will give you more info! I only write a little from a bunch… :D 

Happy Friday! Have a nice Saturday! <3 

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