Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Spritz On and Get Refreshed!

Looks familiar? Yeah! This Evian Facial Spray has been around for years, and when I was in elementary school, I saw a friend used this.  I’m interested and she sprayed once for me.  SO FRESH! Since that time, I’ve been wanting this! And finally, after I got 20 years old and now it’s 2012, I purchased one by spending 65.500 IDR (the real price is 69.000-something IDR, but there’s a promo on Century ;>)

Anyway, there are 3 points written on the packaging: moisturizes, refreshes, tones.  And I copy-paste the explanation from Evian’s website (

Its unique mineral balance and neutral pH makes it the perfect freshen-upper for all skin types, including baby’s delicate skin. The millions of tiny micro-droplets are instantly absorbed, moisturizing hot thirsty skin, any time anywhere. Safe, natural nitrogen is used to propel the droplets (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen) so the ozone stays healthy and happy too!
evian® offers its fabulous facial spray in 4 different sizes. The 50ml canister slips discretely into any handbag. The 150ml canister is ideal for travel. At home or at the beach, the whole family will love the 300ml and 400 ml maxi sizes.

Please recycle the canister. —> well, good point, Evian! Always remind people about 3R 

I bought the small bottle, so I can carry it everywhere I go.  And, MAN, it’s very useful.  I can spray it anytime: when my skin got burned because I’m outside, when my skin felt dry of air conditionered-room, when I start to get sleepy but I have to be steady…and it works nicely! It hydrates well, it wakes me up. Yeah, I love Evian Brumisateur so much, oh, bring me to Paris! *please excuse the weirdness :* Another checklist is, it contains natural mineral water and some added minerals (I don’t really understand the ingredients list, but that’s all I could digested from it).

This product is evergreen famous, I think.  Have you ever tried it? :)

*By the way, that music sheet…I take a theory class, and I learn music arrangement & composition.  The teacher gave an assignment to make a choir composition with given chords…but…I…haven’t done it yet.  And it should be half-finished this week, actually! Mwaahahhaha. So I draw it to accompany my Evian bottle, because I need a spritz to get refreshed and do the homework.  XD

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