Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Citraramya Jatuh Cinta!

                                              proudly present:

a.k.a FAVORITE PRODUCTS! :D Yes, I’ve reviewed a lot of products, why not making a list of BEST SEVEN? :)

Let’s start with…


L’OCCITANE Pure Shea Butter- i love this multifunctional balm so much! It reduces acne scars in my case, and it moisturizes super-dry part!


NICOLE’S NATURAL Romancing Rose Body Lotion-amazing all-natural lotion with lovely scent and great texture.  Sometimes I use it for face too because nothing bad happened after I applied it on face! 


100% PURE Powder Foundation-mattifying, all-natural, and not clogging my pores at all! Good coverage, nice transparent packaging, and, oh, I just love this powder so much!


Virgin Coconut Oil-mine is from the brand ‘Palem Mustika’, and as you know, VCO has many benefits and contains no harmful preservatives too! Try it, you’ll love it! ;)


HURRAW! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm-it has the right amount of reddish tint, it moisturizes, one hundred percent vegan and natural, and fresh cherry aroma! <3 


100% PURE Lavender Seafoam-though now I will not use any foaming stuffs on face religiously like days before, I still love this face cleanser anyway. Now the tube has been empty! :D


THE BODY SHOP Nature’s Minerals cheek Colour-the time is right, the shade (Brown Topaz) fits me nicely, and my day becomes bright, but sadly this Nature’s Minerals line has extinct… *cry*

So that’s my faves.  What about you? :)

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