Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Ketika seorang pelajar biola bindeng yang juga suka corat-coret dan doyan produk centil belanja :)

I brought home:

+ Nicole’s Organic Sweets / Citrus & Rose / IDR 13.500 per pocket, the Citrus was on 50% Sale, so, I got it in IDR 6.700 only.

+ Nicole’s Bar Soap, my Mom loves the cake-slice-like appearance and she asked me to buy one.  Weirdly, I’m in love with the minty-cakey scent of the Mojito one too. Mom likes that one too.  And, we brought all we grabbed to the cashier.  It’s IDR 40.000.

+ Iconic Sticky Book, it consists of ‘post-it’s with cute calming illustration and colours. I need them to label my schedule book and I’d like to stick them on my desk organizer to remind me of some important stuffs like, deadlines, book orders, etc.  Only IDR 10.000! :D

+ Pirastro Rosin. Kind of one hundred thousand Rupiahs. The expensive one, after uncomfortable experiences with cheapo ones. :))

By the way, the day before, call it Tuesday, I visited Nicole’s Natural too.  I took & paid Citrus Cream Scrub.  Mbak Lita, the store assistant, asked me whether I was alone or with my ‘guy friends’.  She remembered that I came to the store with my brother and cousin last year! Sweet.

Now she knows my Mom already.  Maybe she is wondering who will I bring to the store again.  LOL.  Like a multi-level marketing! :p

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