Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

A Half Year with You, Baby, is So Citrusy!

I made my first Vitamin C Serum in about 6 months ago.  Thanks a lot to Lynn who introduced me to
this L-Ascorbic Acid powder!

Lately, I use it regularly, religiously for weeks.  And all I achieve is...happiness! Yeay! Why? Because I find my skin more supple, hydrated, happy, clearer, and somehow controllable.  You know controllable, that moment when you find a pimple and you realized why you get one (e.g. : lack of sleep), and you fix it and it's cured. 

Magically, I think my skin is permanently back to normal! I'd never had any pimples on cheeks before I broke out with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Toner. :'(  It's not a bad product, but it's not Ningrum-friendly, that's all.  I get random pimples on cheeks these years, I don't like that!
But, thanks to you, Dear Vitamin C, I finally achieve my retro state of my facial skin! :))

Please note, I also eat more vegetables, fruits, and simplify my facial skin regime lately. I think my habit gives an effect too.  :D

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