Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Veggie Report #2: Life, Basically.

Out of anything I do in life, like playing music, teaching piano and viola, sewing, handcrafting, drawing, trying to grow a lavender plant, and all that glory, I will have a beautiful daily life with a stylish, lovely, artsy, intellectual husband and I’ll adopt a dog (adopt, not buy!).  We’re living in an eco-friendly house, surrounded by organic stuff, vegan preferred, eating an apple a day along with other healthy plant-based-meals, of course.  *rambling around, daydreaming…LOL

And, yes, that’s the only thing I can think about for now.  Another details will come later.

These days, I’ve been trying to fix things up.  Fruits and veggies every single day.  Step by step making myself habitual to a-vegetarian-wannabe-lifestyle.  Why didn’t I say ‘vegan’ ? I’m not ready to leave egg and cheese, and honey! So…no, I will put my goal to JUST vegetarian for a while. :)

After almost a month-full of two-kinds-of-fruit all day, I think, my body is healthier.  Even my mind is happier! I don’t know how to explain this scientifically, I’m not the one who is able to describe with logic, but…the result is truly good! :D

The sweetest thing is, my skin is also better now! I still get pimples, due to my bad habit (call it: late sleep).  But, I don’t think my skin is so dehydrated or what.  It’s…healthy.  :)

Oh, one more thing. My digestive system is waaaaay better! <3

Well, that’s a little share from me.  May your life be good.  To be happy and to have great healthy habits is a long way, but it’s all about habit! If we could be okay with plastic-full life in the past, why can’t we do the contrary? ;) *I know it’s not a post about waste thingy, but, ah, everything is connected!

Happy Saturday Night! :)  Have a great weekend.

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