Selasa, 11 Maret 2014

(27) Degradable Questionable

We don't get the point.  That's it.

the term 'junks' explains a supermassive bulk of junk.

We've been hearing (and using) degradable plastic bags nowadays.  Familiar with the brand Oxium? The name is printed on most plastic bags in Indonesia, mostly from supermarkets, superstore, bakery, and, ya, it's everywhere now. 

I thought it's good.  Not a bad idea. The plastic will collide with lands in 2 years.  Oh, yep, 24 months. 

But, you know, the real topic we have about garbage in the world is: we make way too much rubbish everyday.  Is using the plastic with better material a strong solution? I do not believe so.  We still can't refuse plastic bag, anyway.  We (generally) throw away three plastic bags everyday, full of various kinds of waste.  We still put non-organic junks in organic trash bin.  Landfills are still so fulfilled! We don't reduce anything!

In the other hand, degradable word spoils us! And we think we have save Earth. Meh.

Junk itself is a logic-natural-senseful part of life.  Our ancestors surely did send used leaves, roots, seeds, and everything onto the land. Even monkey tosses some perfectly-biodegradable rubbish to the ground! But they will be naturally swolen by the degradasaurus agents, though.  Now, what about plastic, paper, metal, and other things we, modern humanbeings, throw in massive quantity? Solve the problem with wisdom.  And patient.  And, ugh, organize your trashing custom, please!

so, have a great Wednesday! :)

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