Selasa, 11 Maret 2014

Hair, Oh, Hair

These 3 musketeers are my hair-salvation-army.  They take away bad-hair-day! :D

tbs buriti baby hair brush, l'occitane brume mist, homemade dry shampoo

Hair is our mustikaMahkota.  Crown.  We have many colours and type of hair in the world, and they all are beautiful! :D

Everyone has different norms about hair life.  Some people may not wash it at all! In case!

I do love using natural-derived aloe vera gel on my hair lately, 30 minutes before I wash my hair with, ehm, a soap bar.  (I do wash my hair with some special natural soap bar)
I'm not into sulphatey life, so I choose to use Nicole's Natural Shower Gel or a soap bar sans SLS instead.  

The only SLS I haven't pull out from my toiletries is the one in my toothpaste and...oh, some handsoap, and dishwasher, and maybe the liquid detergent.  Crap! I'm still surrounded by SLS (and betaines, and the other...) anywhere! XD   

If I find my hair stinky, I spritz the hair mist.  And, that hair brush, what is it for? I use it to apply my dry shampoo more properly. You can use a make up brush too, by the way.  But I prefer to have a proper brush...for hair.  Oh, and, yes, the brush is not from 'goats and co.'. It's synthetic, thanks God.
And luckily, I got that baby hair brush with 50% discount in The Body Shop.  When I meant to be with something, I always get some price reduction! :))

How do you treat your hair? I would love to know your way, guys. :) 

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  1. My current hair ritual consist of shampooing with Ichikami Shampoo, then applying Lúcido-L Hair Vitamin Oil afterwards. Recently, I've been using Makarizo Hair Repair Mask every week but I don't feel any change. The aforementioned hair vitamin is perfect for my hair because it soften my hair like no other hair product. Unfortunately, I'm still on the hunt for the right shampoo as every shampoo I have used leaves my scalp irritated. I'm eager to try L'Occitane Soothing Shampoo because of your review in one of your blog post.

    Btw, SLS-free toothpaste does exist! You should be able to find one like Enzim toothpaste in any supermarket in Indonesia. Good luck! ;)

    1. Never tried hair mask before, except if applying aloe vera gel can be mentioned as a hair mask treatment. :)) By the way, L'Occitane Soothing Shampoo was fine with me. I loved that shampoo. :)

      Yep, I know Enzim, and the other toothpaste from Pigeon (yo, the one for kiddos). I'm using Himalaya Herbals' toothpaste recently. It contains many real herbs, but sadly it has SLS. :')

      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. Never try baby hair brush, is it worth to buy?

    1. Depend on what you buy it for. I buy one for making my thick hair a little cleaner, and to apply dry shampoo. :)