Senin, 28 Maret 2016

To The Next Level of Minimalism

Today's Enlightement
I remember when I was a student. I only have two until three pair of shoes. Well, it's simply caused by the uniform thingy.  I wear black shoes from Monday to Friday, and the left days to wear other shoes are weekends.

Then I remember my Mom's story, she said: "I survived living with two sets of clothes back then: school uniform and a dungaree paired with two choices of blouses. Shoes? School shoes and occasional one." 

And now I feel 'wow!' people got along with that lifestyle! The highest level of minimalism! For a rainbow-fan like me, I thought minimalism means no colour choices. But the actual thing is: hey, if you form a pretty pallette, curate it well, you can live a minimalistic life without being bored!

So I can combine my taste without destroying the ecology and my mentality (a.k.a being greedy). 

It's a real thing and it's possible. 

Chit Chat
From now on, please, guys, remind me to do the followings:

+ reuse old, junk tees as a wipe cloth
+ no new shoes, please
+ use up all my wooden pencils and be grateful for the free ones (e.g. souvenir from someone)
+ find a way to organize drawing paper
+ use up all my colour markers & acrylic paints then shift to only watercolour pallette  + necessary agents
+ routinely eat bananas
+ eat some mung bean porridge from Bapak Bubur Ketan
+ always bring an eating tools set and Keepcup, duh 
+ be productive instead of procrastinating, browsing for a new skirt...
+ smile

Thank you! Enjoy my blog. :)

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