Rabu, 20 April 2016

Earth Month Poem

I can smell a little part of nature,
whispering to me. 

"Hey, human, we're not that helpless. I think you guys are helpless.  
You're drown in the delutional life of unstoppable greed cycle. Panic. Tense. Angry. 
Look at us. Simple. Growing. Enjoying some morning dew. 
Doin' our best in our part of life. 
Not complaining about the rain, though it's heavy. 
Being grateful. And take a deep breath. 
Sunlight, burning yet giving us life.
Accepting the destiny--as plant.
I know you're not a plant, human. But listen, we're from the same source.
We're creature. Different, but similar.
We've been watching you. Running around finding a bunch of gold. 
Only to satisfy your soul in a few minutes. And never, never actually satisfied. 
If you live with the harmonious rhythm, you'll find your happiness. Soon."

And then, another thing about human that I heard from thunderstorm, volcano, and earthquake.
"Sometimes people blame us. Labelling us as a punishment from God.  Oh, hello. 
We've been there before you invade the Earth. We're always there. 
We're not showing off. Or trying to kill you. 
We're a part of the rhythm. 
Without us, the Earth will remain still, 
or maybe feel a despair.
It's just you and us need to cooperate."

I smile a little. 
Maybe. Maybe it's just my mind, exploring too far. 
But isn't it possible? We make the world as an exhausting playground. 
We look away from reality--
that we live with nature. Not above the nature. 

Love them, respect them. Respect each other.

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