Kamis, 17 November 2011

Dear Pongo Pygmaeus...

Have you heard that orangutans were killed in Kalimantan by irresponsible persons who wants some money from an orangutan’s head? (yes, there’s a reward for killing an orangutan! Horrible!)

By the way, orangutans won’t be there on neighbourhood if no one destroys their habitats, like…forests. The place they love so much from era to era…

Don’t we know that lonely will never be our favourite word? But what if, one orangutan feels alone because his/her friends were killed? That would be VERY horrible! :’(

We love you Pongo Pygmaeus. We are working to help you! :) Be strong, darling.

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Do you know that Homo Sapiens and Pongo Pygmaeus has 98% of DNA similarity? ;)

*Sumatran Orangutan papercraft created by somebody creative, I just took some scissors and glue to build it. :9

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