Kamis, 17 November 2011

Sustainably Happy

Yes, Citraramya loves sustainable life! That’s why she’s selling her stuffs. Because she doesn’t want a product to be sad and unused in the box.  So please, please, adopt it, somebody! :)

Terms & Conditions:

*Additional shipping fee: 10.000 IDR for every location in Indonesia

*Pay first, get the stuff later. You pay first, confirm, and I’ll send the item directly to your address!

*For the one who definitely will buy, please email me at the_cheeser@yahoo.com

Other Notes:

I bought this Coco-shiny-hairy on April 2011.  The original price is 79.000 IDR.  The scent’s good! Coconut-y happy.  I recommend this hair shine enhancer as a good hair-styling product with smooth and straight result.  But since I love my hair volumized and a bit messy, I don’t really in need to smooth my hair and making it straight and shiny.  LOL. 

So, anyone interested? :) 

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