Senin, 21 November 2011

Microminihaul at L'Occitane


I went to Paris van Java mall last Saturday and yes, I visited L’Occitane boutique again, met the same Shop Assistant, smile again… :D

Without no more doubt and not wasting any seconds, I took a 30 ml bottle of Velouté de Riz Ultra-Mattifiant a.k.a Ultra-Matte Face Fluid (wrapped in a slim elegant box*).  Yippie! I was so glad. 

At the cashier, I’ve been given a sample sachet of Lavande crèmemains. A hand cream from their new-introduced range: Lavender.  Another yipie! 

My stuffs was kept in a tiny shopping paper bag* that looks so sweet and country-y with that tree on the center and meadow with flower around… :9

*Talk about the paper bag and the slim box, there’s a part of those packagings that contains this statement: in line with our eco-friendly standard, this bag is made by paper from sustainable forests.  Also with the box, but there’s also another sentence on it: Bleached without chlorine.  Yes,the box is broken-white with texture, emboss effects, and Braille (cool, L’Occitane, cool!). 

That’s all about my micromini haul.  :)

Now, product review!

What about my new moisturizer, Velouté de Riz Ultra-Mattifiant? This one looks like a soft golden yellow, some kind of close to skin tone, thick liquid (remind me of my Chinese watercolour tubes mixed with waters on the palette…).  After appying, I always feel good because it leaves no ‘layer’ on skin face, instead, it makes me feel like I applied nothing on my skin.  Very light! (>u<) And for its lux price (IDR 380.000, hellooo), it’s worth-it because you only need a pea-size every application for your entire (beautiful) face.  Anyway you can’t keep it too long too, because the storage limit is 6 months after opening. :)

From their Indonesian website, here I copied the description:

Dengan tekstur yang sangat ringan dan bagaikan beludru, pelembap ini direkomendasikan untuk  kulit kombinasi dan berminyak. Diperkaya dengan zat besi yang menyeimbangkan kembali dan ekstrak beras merah dari Camargue, sekaligus astringent cuka beras merah dan bubuk beras merah yang menghilangkan kilap, menjadikan kulit bersih dan tanpa kilap.

Teruji toleransi dermatologis.

In English:

With an ultra light and velvety texture, this moisturiser is recommended for combination and oily skin. Enriched with rebalancing zinc and red rice extract from Camargue, as well as astringent red rice vinegar and mattifying powdered red rice, it leaves skin pure and mattified. Tolerance dermatologically tested.

So, ultra light texture: check.  Velvety: check. Mattified: check too! It mattifies! I didn’t count the time. I can’t tell you how many hours it leaves my face in matte condition, but everytime I see my face on the mirror, I can see a mattified-non-greasy face.  That’s my answer. :)

But unfortunately there’s one OUCH! here on the ingredients list…

Almost at the end of it, I can see ‘propylparaben’ word! There’s only one from parabens species and I know the amount must be sooo microtiny, but it quite surprised me. :S

Yeah, so, I’m being tolerable now… at least there’s no paraben on the Red Rice cleanser. :)  I’m trying to reduce it.  I am.

By the way, L’Occitane, still, you’ve done a good job! :D Merci beaucoup! :*

*That illustration above combines Snowman Drawing Pen 0.1, Sakura jumbo marker, Snowman markers, Maped colour peps in Pink Blush shade, and coloured pencils.  Made on ELLE magazine agenda bonus, in plain NOTES chapter, which has textured yellowish paper I love so much. :)

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