Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

(2) Show It To The World!

Tatalyus lagi mahitala-bersatu untuk Bumi-be one for Earth (2)

Sometimes I think, what am I doing? No one even bring a reusable bag in supermarket just like I do everytime.  And it was like…I’m the nerdy and they’re the normal majority. What’s the point if it’s only me?! It won’t change anything!

But yeah, it needs some confidence and pride, green-actions. Because we have to spread it like a virus, we should try to look comfortable in our greener way of life, we can smile through the road while wearing T-shirt with 3R triangle and show it exhibitionistically to everyone. 

Because they who haven’t understand the meaning of GREEN need living example that looks happy with green lifestyle. :)

Share your thought, fellas. :3

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