Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Ramya et Moi!

Hey everyone! As usual I spend my weekend night by myself (with Mama and Papa at home, but, yeah, you know what I mean! :3), so here I am, blogging!

I just want to tell you how much I gained after I had commited to make DIY face masks and exfoliators! :D

Premiere, I save a lot.  In budget.  All I need for DIY face mask, for example, Ramya Stroyo, is a box of strawberry.  Plus a small jar of plain yogurt.  And anyway, I only take one strawberry and 2 teaspoons of the yogurt, so I (and my family members) can eat the rest, before they will be expired! Tadaa! A face mask and some healthy snacks!

Deuxiéme, it works! Man, it works, for real.  And without any guilty feeling like, “OMG, it’s expensive, what if it doesn’t do anything? It’s all chemical, can I be sick from this?”.  My Ramya Legit  smoothens my skin like…magic? On the first usage, I’ve already felt the difference! It’s simple, cheap, and non toxic (except if you’re allergic to honey, maybe). 

Troisiéme, it makes you creative too! Add another ingredients (like lemon juice for my Ramya Stroyo), and see how it works.  Learn how long the product stays fresh in a refrigerator or what if it is kept in a room temperature (Biology quiz, anyone? ;)).  Make a study of your own skin, is it okay with some specific ingredients.  Ah, there’s so much from D.I.Y hobby.  As long as you have enough time to mix (natural) ingredients and produce your own potions of (additional) beauty (because you’ve already beautiful since you were designed up there in heaven), do the Dee-I-Why! You’ll see the joy of that.

happy Saturday Night! <3 

Je remercie pour vous qui avez été gentil à moi aujord’hui.  :)  Have a blast everyday!

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