Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

(3) There You Go, Animal Lover!

Tatalyus lagimahitala-bersatu untuk Bumi-united for Earth!

Every deforestations harm our buddies: birds, squirells, hares, tigers, leopards, apes, monkeys, owls, elephants, and a lot more of them.  They were forced to be dragged anywhere else, sometimes to human residences, and got killed because those people just think about how to get rid of them without knowing that they were in danger, almost killed, maybe.

So why not being wise from now on? If paper demand decreases, then the production will be reduced (okay, that’s the economical logic), and less forests to be harmed. 

If that’s too extreme, at least, use recycled paper, or use paper packagings from sustainable resources, just as the one with “FSC” symbol.  And recycle your paper if you have the tools! Reuse paper, brochures, flyers, school tests’ results archive (ah, you won’t be like to watch your red score again, LOL), or anything else, be creative with your 3R (Reduse, Reuse, Recycle) lifestyle, Ladies/Gentlemen! :)

I love you all, and please share some love to Mother Earth. :*

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