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Kissable Cheeks!

I used to be faithful to powdered blush since the first time I know what blush on is.  I believe that I have oily skin, so cream blush would be clogging and make my face shining like a diamond! LOL.

But yeah, deep in the heart I always be attracted to cream blushes.  They usually come in a beautiful jar or tube or pump bottle or even in stick form! Somehow it looks simple and cute!

There are several products in my mind when it comes to ‘cream blush’ (or liquid ones) : 100% Pure lip and cheek tint that looks so promising, Make Up Forever cream blush (with thousand shades they have, yeah!), Benefit Cha-Cha tint, Skin Food’s lip and cheek tint with a cute tin packaging, Etude House jelly blusher, oh, and another ones! Yes, cream blushes are too sweet!

 I finally decided to own one from 100% Pure since, it’s all natural, fruit-pigmented, free of animal-cruelty, it’s cute and it works both for lip and cheek, a blush and a lip colour, what a combo! It might not so easy to be bought in store, but thankfully The Universe supports me always!

But what is this thing I talk about, actually? Here, some words to clear your mind:

100% natural formula was designed to be used as a cream blush and a lip tint. Pure fruit pigments in a base of skin and lip softening and moisturizing shea and cocoa butters. Highly concentrated with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants.

Got a little clue, Ladies? ;)

This is a stick cream blush that can be used as your lip colour, that’s how I describe the thing. And I’ve been hooked with this since January 2012! And finally I found a way to get this product, hehe.

The only trouble I got is: what shade to choose? They offer 6 shades of this tint: Peach Glow, Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry Glow, Cocoa Berry, Strawberry, and Sugar Plum.   At first, I thought the best shade would be Cranberry Glow or Peach Glow, both may contain more warm tone, so for my yellow-brown-red-something skin tone,  it will be fine.  And the Cranberry is red, I want to achieve red lips! Peach sounds great too for peachy nude lips! These two shades also come without shimmer! :)

But that only the first expectation.  Suddenly, I read Lynn’s review of this lip and cheek tint.  She owns the one in Pink Grapefruit.  She said it was good for her skin tone, and it looks good when I saw her review photos.  She also sent me a little sample because I was SO curious!

Then here it goes, the sample plus swatch (double layered) on cassava paper:


So pink! Bright and cheerful pink, some kind of pink I rarely use.  Hehe.  How it goes on my skin? It leaves a truly pink colour, but don’t worry, we can blend it with fingers and make it more natural. 

For lip usage, it’s quite pretty.  Surprisingly, I look nice with pink lips! But no, for me, it’s still too magenta, especially on my cheeks. 

Thankfully, I have tried this shade before, and learned that it’s not for me.  So when I finally ordered the full version, I decided to choose Peach Glow. Maybe later I will try Cranberry too, but for now, I’m satisfied with this warm peach colour, because it suits me very well!

Here’s the swatch, the appearance of this product itself, and my opinions! :D




Is it drying? Nope.  And on lips, it looks matte, not glossy at all.  I love it! I think I want to try Cranberry Glow someday to see myself with matte red lips!

It feels creamy, yummy, smells fruity! It’s not greasy, nor too glossy for your cheeks and lips.  If you love a natural look, with literally natural materials, then this lip and cheek tint is for you! :D

Okay now, from the skincare side, do I notice any breakouts by using this formula almost everyday? Nope! Both the pink one, the peach one, they act nicely on my skin, not to mention the different shade and effect.   

Anyway, the ingredients are:

Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Honey Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Pigments of Plum, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Raspberry and Cabernet Grape, Strawberry Extract, Pigments of Strawberry, Cherry, Cocoa Bean, Peach, Apricot, Blueberry, Carrot and Tomato

 To see another shade and products of 100% Pure, simply visit their webpage: http://100percentpure.com/i

And this is my self-portrait, using real make up on paper, by colouring it with near-my-skin-tone marker.


Yes, I have a stick of Alima Pure Nourishing Lip Balm, I swapped it with my mineral blush of TBS with Lynn.  Here’s the lip balm illustrated by watercolour, all infos and ingredients are available to be seen on their website (http://alimapure.com/).


I got the Holly Berry shade. It has beautiful sheer red tint.  Just get a minus feeling about the glossy effect!

That’s all for today, folks! Happy Wednesday! And may your green effort be bigger everyday! Come on, we’re living on Earth, there’s nothing wrong with loving Earth and trying to protect the natural habits of it. Because we love cleanliness and happiness!

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