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Rima Juwita

A lot of girls suffer from oily hair.  Me too.

So they do hairwash almost everyday.  I don’t, since I have  thick hair that needs almost 24 hours to dry after wash.  Crazy, huh?

But actually, it doesn’t really help.  It might cause the hair even more oily, I read about this somewhere.  Maybe, the science is similar with our skin.  It’s oily because it’s dry!

Anyway, away from that theory, we’re living in the world where shampoos are made with sulphates! So, to be honest, it’s like actually we wash our beautiful keratin group with…detergent, like, literally.  Somehow, there are also synthetic unsafe preservatives like parabens and DMDM Hydantoin (read your commercial shampoo’s ingredients now, and you’ll find this name, yes, it is actually a formaldehyde-releaser). 

Note this: our hair is not dishes! LOL.  We shouldn’t wash it with dishwasher thingy, right?

Well, it won’t be easy for us, with this longlife habit to wash our hair routinely and to have that feeling of ‘the more it foams, the more it cleans’.  Yes, we may feel cleaner with sulphates, but, no, it’s not really safe.  What about your sensitive scalp or natural hair condition?

Anyway, my better-hair-softer-foam journey started from The Body Shop.  I tried their Olive Shampoo by understanding about this foam things.  The shampoo is clear, smells natural, with thin-bubbles, not like the others.  It’s in 2010.  I changed to Bilberry one, then to Banana, along with the conditioner, because I love the scent. 

Not so long after that, TBS launched their biodegradable shampoo called Rainforest HaircareI have tried two of them Balance and Shine (which the scent is nice, grassy!).  Unfortunately, it didn’t really fix my amazing hair.  It’s a little drying.  And my scalp isn’t an easy topic, too.  It’s dry! The review is here:http://citraramya.tumblr.com/post/20653791495/deep-down-the-sea-is-my-fear-factor)

Then I shifted to L’Occitane with their promising Soothing Shampoo and I love this heaven-made shampoo, especially the after-cleanse-effect and the special sweet scent! But I haven’t been satisfied yet.  I need something without sulphates!

So, yep, I tried to multiuse my Nicole’s Natural shower gel as a body wash and hair wash! And what I got? It’s silly at first.  The Citrus one was too thick for my hair needs.  Then I moved to Green Tea and I’m not going back! This choice is the best! Besides its lovely aroma, it’s also great to clean my hair properly, plus it’s not drying.  Yay for no more nay sulphates!

It’s not the end yet! I found out that actually we have this thing called ‘dry shampoo’ in the rare society lately.  Girls believe in baby powder.  This stuff can solve your greasy hair.  If you don’t have time to wash your hair with water + a proper shampoo, you may simply pour down the powder to absorb some oils. 

And then I think about talc.  Talc has been considered as containing asbestos.  Sounds like something for your house’s roofs, maybe? I don’t really understand, but it could disturb your health anyway.  Imagine this material used for innocent sensitive babies. 

Not every talc in the market contains asbestos, actually.  But I decided to not using talc anywhere I can.  So, to constitute baby powder, I made myself a dry shampoo with ingredients you can find in the kitchen! Yes, in the kitchen.  I found this recipe somewhere on the blog of someone cool, but I forget where it is actually, so sorry.  Hey, your recipe’s good, by the way! It consists of cocoa powder and corn starch (a.k.a maizena). 

I added new formula for my dry shampoo: grounded coffee.  It came in my mind first when I thought I have no cocoa powder (then I found a jar of it, LOL).  I don’t want my dry shampoo to dye my hair and make it grayish, so I give it dark tones, as suggested in that blog too. :p

Some people in green blogs have actually tried to not using any shampoo through the days, only water, and they solve their trouble with this dry shampoo, but I don’t really dare to do the same, though I think it’s gonna be good! I’m too lazy to wash my hair, sometimes.  But, shampooing your hair is nice, too, with nice fragrance and everything.  Yeah but for hectic days, it might be COOL to the max to save my hair fully dry but healthy. :p

This is my dry shampoo in reality, kept in a small bottle, with washi tape from Hong Kong (thanks my Bro!) labelled with handwritings):

What about my dry shampoo, by the way? I LOVE THIS DECISION OF MINE TO MAKE A DRY SHAMPOO! As you can see in the illustration, yes, I simply love those powdery friends of mine.  They save my day, my hair, and I get rima juwita, pretty hair!

Is that enough for me to treat my hair with dry shampoo, a sulphate-free shower gel, and some love? It should be enough, but, I often go anywhere with public transports, the place where sometimes you’ll be accompanied with smoke-scent! Ugh, I hate cigarettes.  And the smell of it! Once in my life, I smelled a cigarette stick, not burnt yet, it smells like spices.  It’s good, hahaha.  Sadly, when it comes in contact with lighter, it’s smoky and…yucky, and unhealthy for both passive smoker and the smoker itself. 


Err, okay, out from that protest, yep, I don’t like it when my hair is smelly.  So I bought a hair mist from Etude House via my friend, since I couldn’t find it at any stores.  It called Silk Scarf.  I’m in love with its sweetly-designed bottle.   It gives you a clean floral soapy fragrance on your hair.  And no, it’s not greasy unless you drop a half bottle of on your hair! :D

Please Google yourself the ingredients.  It’s not printed on the bottle.  It contains some oils and preservatives, but not out from my border. J

Yo, that’s my hair story, People! What about yours?  ;)

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