Senin, 15 Juli 2013

The L-Ascorbic Acid Project

Oui, I talk about a vitamin.  The special vitamin that everyone loves! Vitamin C! The scientific name is Ascorbic Acid.  Some of them called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phospate. 

 Vitamin C, usually found in oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, and almost every fruits, has good intentions for you.

I will mention things I know so far: it brightens your day and your skin tone, it cures scar, it is a shield from influenza and other viruses, it reduces wrinkles, it makes your skin more supple and healthy, it protects your skin from ultraviolet damage, oh, Vitamin C is so smart you can’t imagine how God created that vitamin, actually!

Vitamin C serums are everywhere on the market, but have you ever imagine about…making it yourself? Because, yes, you can! The ‘serum’ word may be threatening.  It sounds difficult, it needs scientific research, and whatsoever.   But think about how many additional added to those serums out there.  If you make one yourself, you’ll simply apply only pure water + the vitamin on your face!

I’ve been knowing that we can make our vitamin C serum ourselves, but I don’t have the materials and I was too lazy to make it (LOL).   Once, Lynn The Lovely Cosme Blogger sent me a little jar of Ascorbic Acid powder (or crystals?) plus glycerine along with another stuffs I ordered.  So I decided to make this serum finally!


And there you are, I introduce you to my C Serum!  Yep, labeled it myself.  Reusing glass bottle.  Freshly made new drops every 3-4 days!



Here’s the ingredients:


I don’t know the exact measure of every ingredients, so, please make yours proportionally, or you can Google a better recipe.  :)  Sorry to not being scientific.  <3

Glycerin is not required. You can use it or not anyway. ;)

I’ve been using it religiously in a week, so far, my skin doesn’t show any dislikes to this serum.  It’s more supple and because the texture is juicy, it’s fine, not pore-clogging! I wish it will erase my acne scars and tone my skin! :D But so far, I have a nice facial skin condition, since I changed to all-natural habit!

By the way, one of my friend, he knows thing like that based on his school faculty, he told me to keep the serum in the refrigerator.  Vitamin C is easily evaporate in warm temperature.  So, please keep it safely inside that ‘kulkas’, please.

Oh, and, attention please: don’t mix the materials with metal stuff! Vitamin C and metal are not good friends, please use plastic or glass mixer and jar.  :D

And make sure you use demineralized water, like Amidis.  Vitamin C and minerals are not fine, too.

Let’s try this recipe happily! ;) 

To find the vitamin C powder, maybe you can find it at pharmacists.  I don’t know how to get it here, since Lynn also bought it from US.


Be careful with this DIY, vitamin C needs special percentage to be used.  So, please, since I’m not a pharmacist, ask Google or other professionals if you’re worry about the safe amount of vitamin C topical usage.

Do a little test before you use your serum.  It might be irritating or sting sometimes. :D

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