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Ladies, This is a Secret. Tell Everybody about This! :D

This is gonna be a serious post. Really.  I don’t even smile when writing this. Yes, I’m having my serious face and I’m on period. So please be careful and read this seriously.

Oh, please, I need to laugh now! LOL.

Okay, ladies. I’ll make a very feminine post. And it’ll change your mind about something we call…feminine napkins. *giggle giggle*

So, since I’ve been a little-green-monster and being really care about garbage and orangutans in junior high school, then a little guilty feeling appeared on me.

I asked a lot to the world: How to reduce waste? How to save orangutans? How to delete air pollution? And many other questions.

But there’s also one thing I’ve been worrying about: my feminine napkins rubbish. Well, firstly, it’s not biodegradable as a trash.

Then a woman told me that those disposable menspads are dangerous too because of the materials! Yo, people, some of them are from recycled paper, bleached with chemical stuffs, and again, and again.  She even did a little test to make sure that your menspad contains whitening-agent plus made from paper.

And, paper to absorb liquid? Are you kidding me!?  Recycled paper is great, but not for this purpose, please!

Okay, so, this ‘Tante’ said she sells menspads from cotton with Anion strips. Seems promising at first, because it releases some oxygen particles that is good for your health. And it’s 100% cotton she told me. It absorbs liquid perfectly thanks to the gel inside. It’s made in China.

And it’s IDR 40.000 per pack.  8 pads.  Me and my Mom agreed to use it for me.  Surely, a mother will choose a better product for her daughter! I was happy at that time, but still, it’s quite expensive and…I have no idea about the continuation of the pads’ life.  They’ll end up at landfills, suck up Earth’s pores and no word biodegradable, too.

Okay, I used to hang on this Anion stuff for a while.  After that, there’s also My Lady menspad that contains Anion too, in a cheaper price, so I bought that and stopped the one from China.

Has it released my mind from the guilt? NEVER.

I always dreamed about a biodegradable menspad. Or maybe a menspad from bamboo or whatever.  LOL. I invented a lot of idea but they’re only in my head.

Then I found a very BRIGHTENING post about menspad at Lynn’s page! (



It’s a menspad, made from cloth.  You don’t have to trash it everyday, you can just simply wash it and reuse the thing! IT’S AMAZING.  And again, mostly made in Indonesia!

Maybe some of you (and me) will experience some awkwardness about washing it.  Sometimes it’s hard to remove the stain.You are not suggested to use powder detergent because it’s more likely to disturb the absorption power of your menspad.  Also avoid cleansers with softener and whitener. But then it’s not that easy to wash with liquid one.  In my case, Lynn gave me free ecospot, an all-natural spot remover stick.  It’s gel-like with more thick consistency. It works. J  Other alternatives to erase the spot: baking soda, lemon peel, etc.  You can buy this stick here:

After washing with room-temperature water (don’t use hot/warm water!), please let it dry under the sun! It’s free, it’s natural, and it’s anti-bacterial.  :D

For now on, I have 5 menspads from various brands: Green Nappy, Ziggie Zag, Baby Oz, and Clue Bebe.   And how’s my impression about this revolution? Well, good!  It’s such a good thing to reduce your period’s bad mood by decreasing guilty feeling!

And, just so you know, in my opinion, cloth menspads absorb even better than disposable ones. It’s less leaky, it’s not wrinkling to the center because they have wings with ‘click’ button. Yay! The best thing is, they are very comfortable!

Now the question is: Where can we buy this kind of menspad? They aren’t appear on store shelves with beautiful plastic wrap, so…

Most cloth menspads can be bought online.  Here are links I know, for you:‎/

You’ll feel more responsible with yourself, especially in this girl’s business! :D

And yes, happier Earth!  <3 Mother Earth will be happy for you!

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