Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

My Stack of Stuff

Bonjour, People! How's your day? 
Well, I have a good day--so far--since it's still in the midday. 
Anyway, I want to share my, uhm, tiny problem I have here. What problem? This!

That? No, it's those.  It's plural. There's a development in my toiletries amount.  I don't know what is the trigger... Hahaha. But these are so many, still, for my standard! If you want to see my previous collection, see this and that

The picture above shows all I have except brushes, eyelash curler, sponges, et cetera.  Oh, and nail polishes aren't included.  I have 3 bottles of that. 

So, after seeing previous collection posts, what do you think? Yes. I have way too many products.  I have collected so many things during a year. Now let's take a look at each group carefully: 

thankfully, everyone have different function. so it's not very ineffective. but that foundation, I already keep it for 4 years!

the scrub is a souvenir from my cousin, the solid perfume is now 2 years old, and that deodorant is not used oftenly.

nah. here's the most doubling part! i have 2 hand cream tubes--one from my friend (the apple one), 1 body butter, 1 body oil, and a tin of honey-shea butter! i thought it's okay to have 3-4 products to moisturize, in case i need them in separated moments (butter for night, oil for day--for example), but in fact, no. i give up.

i rarely have my eyes area painted--but i have this much things around.  ah, what did i do? anyone wants to adopt my stuff? i never touch the tosca eyeliner and mascara! LOL.

other treatment: hair mist, face vitamin creams, nose pack, bentonite clay.

and these lippies, fellas. i can't use them all the time! now i try to use my lip butter religiously first as a start.

Now this is what I think about them: 

Maybe you have the answer for me? Or you have a similar product with me and would love to tell me about it? ;) 

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! :* 

2 komentar:

  1. wah kalo semuanya mau dipakai sampai tetes penghabisan musti rajin rajin dan telaten. kalo ga di preloved in aja, biar ga rugi rugi amat. :D

    o iya boleh request dong review body oil utama spice rose allurenya. itu produk udah lama banget bikin aku penasaran ^^

    btw salam kenal ya~

    1. Hihi, bener, rajin dan telaten. :) Ini udah hasil sisa yang gak dipreloved-in. :p Abis, masih sayang tapi takut gak kepake, tapi sayang *nah lho bingung*.

      Oke, nanti aku repiu ya Body Oil-nya. :D Enak kok dipakenya.

      Salam kenal juga! ;)